You're providing the venue and the people. You need a good band, with a Caller to help people out with how to do each dance. You need the band to bring some amplification, so they can be heard over the noise of feet and people enjoying themselves, and for any announcements you may have - but not too loud to prevent conversation. You might need some wise advice on how best to arrange the event. You can get all of these in one package - email Hannibal's Heroes through the Contact page.

Hannibal's Heroes is a versatile ceilidh band. We play English, Irish, American & Scottish country dance tunes with verve and energy for ceilidhs ("kay-leys"). The sort of occasions we play at includes: village barn dances, church or other group fundraisers, wedding receptions, anniversaries, birthdays, social & sports club events and company functions. We can tailor the music, dances and format to suit your special event.