Ceilidh Bands come in all shapes and sizes: a piano accordionist through to a rock band, via the more traditional instruments like the fiddle, melodeon (a sort of button-keyed accordion), flute, concertina, guitar, etc. Band prices vary and, like most things, you usually get what you pay for.

To locate a Band, ring or email our Caller, the very approachable Pete Shaw (01778 571563). He's a Musician (fiddle, melodeon, banjo, piano) with several bands and a Caller with others. If Hannibal's Heroes can't fulfil your booking, he'll almost certainly be able to find you a Band and Caller that can. Lots of Bands refer bookings to each other as a matter of course.

If you've never been to a Ceilidh yourself, it's a very good idea to attend one before you get too far with organising yours. You should have a go at the dancing if you get the chance, and pinch any great ideas you see.

Make sure that you book your Band early enough - many get booked up over a year ahead! Remember to send a map and precise directions, and to have the hall open one and a half hours before the official start time, so they can set up and have a sound check.

The evening will need a "Caller" to act as MC. Most Bands bring their own Caller, or will find you one. Alternatively, you can book a Caller, who will organise a Band as well for you. You pay just one fee to include Band, Caller & PA. If you need any help or advice in planning things, just ring Pete.